Data Sensing and Processing Testbed (DATASENS) – DATASENS is an infrastructure of 100 nodes using IEEE 802.15.4 radios deployed inside one of the University buildings, in rooms and corridors, implementing sensors able to monitor/emulate physical instances like light intensity, temperature, current drain, equipped with small LCD screens that will ease the management and control of application tasks. In addition to the nodes composing the fixed infrastructure, approximately 50 battery-supplied mobile nodes (with 802.15.4 devices) carried by people moving around, are part of the testbeds (Roaming Nodes).

DATASENS can be integrated with FLEXTOP to achieve a unique network with 200 wireless nodes. Moreover, DATASENS is portable and will be used to characterize the human mobility in different locations and contexts.




This laboratory is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the FP7 Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications NEWCOM# (Grant agreement no. 318306).

7 Framework Programme

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