Facilities at EURECOM that will be made available include: (i) one fixed high-power multi-antenna cell site (800 MHz TDD/FDD, 1.9 GHz TDD, 2.6 GHz TDD/FDD) connected to the laboratory network. Other carrier frequencies will likely be made available during the course of the project because of regulatory constraints; (ii) two vehicles equipped with OpenAirInterface.org radio equipment which can be used either as secondary cell sites or terminals; (iii) high-end laboratory test and measurement equipment and design tools (LTE compliant signal/spectrum analyzers and signal generators, Xilinx/Mentor tool suites); (iv) OpenAirInterface.org software-radio platforms (3 ExpressMIMO and 10 Express-MIMO2); (v) Linux clusters with remote access possibilities for large-scale system emulation; and (vi) SVN repositories with external access.

More details can be found on Openairinterface.


Express MIMO


This laboratory is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the FP7 Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications NEWCOM# (Grant agreement no. 318306).

7 Framework Programme

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