GNSS-SDR (Global Navigation Satellite System - Software Defined Radio): GNSS-SDR is an open source GNSS software defined receiver that adresses the design and implementation of multi-constellation, multi-band GNSS receivers. According to its open nature, the source code is published under General Public License (GPL) v3, which secures practical usability, inspection, peer-review and continuous improvement by the research community, allowing the discussion based on tangible code and the analysis of results obtained with real signals. In addition to the source code, the project offers a development ecosystem (websitecode repository, mailing list) that aims to build a community of researchers, developers and users around the project. The ultimate goal is to provide high-accuracy positioning for the masses, and for free. There are many ways for researchers to contribute to the project, e.g., programming new features (algorithms, receiver architectures, etc.), optimizing existing algorithms, reporting bugs or debugging existing features, among many others.




GNSS-SDR overview



This laboratory is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the FP7 Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications NEWCOM# (Grant agreement no. 318306).

7 Framework Programme

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